Subject: NY Daily News OP ED

NY Daily News

Jack Lynch:
Make it a national park

By making the memorial a stunningly low priority in their plans for the World Trade Center site, the Port Authority and Lower Manhattan Development Corp. have lost their opportunity to build it. And their moral right.

In the six proposals they unveiled a few weeks back, the memorial was hemmed in by huge buildings. It was surrounded by commercial activity. And if, as some of the designs proposed, the street grid were reimposed, the memorial could end up next to roaring traffic.

So much for sacred ground.

Any memorial to 9/11 must do more than simply take up space. It must give visitors a visceral sense of what occurred there - the most catastrophic attack on America, ever.

The memorial must make palpable the enormity of the destruction, the tremendous loss of life and even how quickly it all occurred. If possible - and this would take a mind that is much more imaginative than mine