I awoke this morning with terror in my heart
I reach beside me and feel your gone
I race up and down the halls calling your name
But you do not answer my call
My heart begins to race, and the tears begin to fall
I remember that I lost you when america called

Flash backs come falling so fast
I look and remember with a smile your graduation day
Oh how you swelled with pride as you wore your uniform
You said you wanted to help those in need
to give a little of yourself with american pride

Then the day came, when sitting together
watching in horror as our world fell apart
Then the phone rang, they said you were needed
I cried as you walked out that door, the kiss you left behind

As day became night, and I fell asleep
wondering if you were safe
I had a dream of you standing there all in angels white
As you comforted me and told me to go on, one last gentle kiss before you left me

In the distance I here a knock
I do not want to answer for I know the news
They have come to tell me, you have gone
I listen in a blurr as I hear the words
Ma'am were sorry, but he is gone

The tears begin to trickle, and I remember your last kiss
When America Called

Written By: Constance D Fields of Longview-Kelso, Washington.
For the wives left behind to pick up the pieces of the September 11 tragdy.
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I thank god everyday that I am not one of these wives left behind to sort threw the pain, I can only imagine your loneliness, may god give you the strength to go on. On the morning of September 11th, around the time the first plane slammed into tower 1, I was being rushed up to the Intensive Care Unit at our local hospital, as I had a bad reaction to morphine and almost lost my own life that same morning. I remember sitting in the ICU some what coherent and watching the news and crying, wondering how such a careless and unforgiving act could be brought apon our nation. As the days went on watching the men searching for there fallen brothers and any other chance for survivors I began to wonder what will become of america after all of this. Almost a year later, I see we are a stronger nation, we are fighting the fight and we will win the battle. For each mother, brother sister, father, husband and wife, daughter and son who lost a loved one at Ground 0 I hope that Osma Bin Laden will get what is coming to him ten fold, I hope God grants him no mercy, and he suffers a much more greater pain and begs to die, but is left to suffer even more, what he did was beyond a act of hate. I have just finished reading (*Dennis Smith's* A Report From Ground Zero, and I dont think I have ever cried as much as I did while reading it, when my own son died four years ago, I thought I cried all I could, but to hear about the tragic losses that occured brought on new tears. God bless each and everyone of you and may you find the inner strength to go on. Constance D Fields-Rearick