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Thread: Fire Museum to feature photos of 343 killed on 9/11

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    Fire Museum to feature photos of 343 killed on 9/11

    Unforgettable bravery

    Fire Museum to feature photos of 343 killed on 9/11


    A wall of black-and-white photographs of the 343 Fire Department members killed at the twin towers will be the centerpiece of a permanent exhibit on the terror attack that opens at the city Fire Museum next month, the Daily News has learned.

    The 7-foot-high, 9-foot-long wall made of tiles glazed with pictures of the lost firefighters will be displayed on the ground floor of the Spring St. museum, which is housed in a three-story firehouse built in Manhattan in 1904.

    The exhibit will also feature previously unreleased FDNY photos of the Sept. 11 strike on the World Trade Center, tools and fire helmets that were damaged that day and a computer room where visitors can look up accounts of the disaster and get information about the 343 department members who were killed.

    "The exhibit is intended to look back at the past year - the terribleness - and sacrifices of the firefighters," said museum curator Peter Rothenberg. "It's a mixture of a better understanding of what happened, and it's a place to go and reflect on it."

    Pictures of courage

    The main room of the exhibit has a glass ceiling and brick walls painted in natural tones to symbolize heaven and Earth. A time line of the attacks and 60 photos of firefighters in action at the Trade Center will hang on the walls.

    The double-sided tile memorial wall will stand in the center of the room, and visitors will be able to walk around it. The wall will have two rectangular openings to represent the lost men and buildings. In addition to a photograph, each memorial tile will bear a name, rank and badge and an American flag.

    "When you put a wall of these together, it's overwhelming," said Danita Otruba-O'Connor, the architect and designer of the new exhibit. "It's emotional for everyone working on it."

    Artifacts on view will include a nozzle from Engine 10, a fire company based across the street from the Trade Center, the torn and ash-stained helmet of an unknown firefighter, a broken radio, and a damaged breathing tank, flashlight and boots.

    The museum has not announced an opening date for the new exhibit, but officials believe it will be ready by Sept. 11, the first anniversary of the attack.

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    Where is the museum located?
    Thank You

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    The Fire Museum is in Manhatten on Spring St. The museum is housed in a three-story firehouse built in 1904.

    I don't know the exact address, but when I run across it, I'll post it


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    New York City Fire Museum

    New York City Fire Museum
    "FDNY is a remarkable and unique organization, and at the museum, they do thier best to tell the stories of the men and women who have served in the department through the years."
    At the Museum by Jason Wiggins

    The NYC Fire Museum is located, appropriately enough, in an old firehouse that was converted into a museum about twelve years ago. The old-style building has high stone arches over the doors and red brick walls.
    The museum is crowded with fire engines from various time periods, firefighter suits and equipment. The walls are completely covered with paintings and photographs; one object of note, a map of Manhattan that shows the modern street arrangement laid over the original outlines of the island.

    The museum is mainly interesting as a curiosity, good for a quick visit and photo. The staff is made up of off-duty firefighters who are happy to answer questions about the history of the museum and the items on display.


    Address & Phone
    278 Spring Street
    (212) 691-1303

    1, 9 to Houston St
    C, E to Spring St

    Tues - Sun: 10am - 4 pm

    Suggested Admission
    $4 Adults
    $1 children under 12
    $2 seniors/students

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