This past Friday, August 16, the Bridgehampton Library was host to Dennis Smith, renowned author of the finest fire fighting books America has to offer. Just pop into any of our local libraries and take a look at the fire fighting section to see for yourself.

It was a wonderful event, well attended. There was a delicious selection of tasty foods and fine local wines served in a peaceful garden setting over 100 miles from Ground Zero. Who would ever imagine that just around the corner such devastation lies in our own back yard, NYC.

Mr Smith, who was down at Ground Zero minutes after the two towers fell described his newest book REPORT FROM GROUND ZERO, a must read for all New Yorkers and all Americans to be able to understand what took place there that day both inside and outside the towers. From the podium , he read a heartfelt piece from an interview with one of the fire fighters from my neighborhood fire house on 27 street and the east side, Lt. Mickey Cross. Mickey was trapped in the towers and escaped with a small handful of survivors including Capt Jay Jonas and his lucky 7 as they have been called since. Not as lucky as some others he mentioned, the Port Authority Police Officers who where entering the building to perform rescue efforts when the first tower crumbled on top of them.They were trapped. One officer, Dominick Pezzulo, freed himself and lost
his life rescuing his fellow officer, Willie, whose legs were pinned under rubble and was unable to be extricated until much later. One would have to agree that the statement