Yes, We've heard this a lot lately.

Back in February and March, we had a letter sent out from Kevin, asking for donations, and in return a shirt and/or hat would be sent.

The response was much more than expected (and we thank you). However, that left us short on product, so things needed to be backordered.

Sometimes things just get delayed, and we try to keep things running smooth, but this time it took way too long. The packages didn't go out till July, some even the first week in August.

I apologize. I was in charge of it, and it just slipped a little.

Everyone who has sent in a donation in response to Kevin's letter, and has not received their items, please email and ask Justine or Doug to look into it. We'll check our database and get it out to you.

We want everyone to feel taken care of here. We recently sent out another letter, and there is one going out from me (Brian) next week. It's kind of embarassing asking for more, when we haven't delivered the promised items to a few of you. Again, all will be taken care of. Just notify us.

If you know of anyone waiting for any items related to those mailings, please tell us, or tell them to let us know.