It took me a while, but I finally was able to arrange it for Firefighter websites to be hosted for free.

This would include sites setup on AOL, or other services, and for those sites setup with Domain Names.

The only thing is, the site has to be setup where the main purpose of the site is a memorial for a firefighter, or related.

All will be reviewed by us for inclusion, where we will make the final decision. Currently, the idea is that the hosting will be free for the first year, and then, if the site is still active, and you want the site to remain, we will ask for a donation, and/or, FBF will cover the nominal costs.

More details to follow, but if you know of any sites that might be able to benefit from this, post it here. And have them contact me.

It might take a while for me to return inquiries, but eventually I'll get to everyone.

note, this also includes the widows support sites and sites setup to raise funds for the families