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Thread: thanks to Chris

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    thanks to Chris

    Thanks also go to Chris for also adding info to the names.

    This is becoming a great team effort.

    If anyone else wants to help, just join in. Add what ever you can find. Chris seems to be using the NY Times.

    Perhaps someone can scan other News sites. maybe one person hits the NY Post, and another the NY Daily News.

    We might want to do the 'right thing' by the newspapers, and in addition to putting the info on the site for everyone to read, also give a link to where you got the info from.

    Afterall, it IS from their site. The least we can do is put a link back to their site.
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    my method!

    I thank you!

    I am using the NY Times for the primary Bio.

    However, I am also researching several other sites:

    and, when I do not find info from any of these, I am searching Most of the finds are only listings (you will quickly learn which ones are--in fact, the short description in google will make it clear-- but here and there is a link for a more local paper which has a bio.

    I am going straight down through the alphabet, and always id the NYT bio in the thread name.

    Hope this helps anyone else who may pitch in.

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