Veteran New York Firefighter Collapses Assisting at Accident Scene
A South Schodack, New York Volunteer Department Fire Police Captain collapsed at the scene of a car accident Friday evening while assisting with traffic and the set up of a medevac landing zone.

Harold Coons, 76, was transported to Albany Memorial Hospital where he died of a heart attack. Assistant Chief Walt Wheeler said he died doing something he thought was very valuable to the community.

A head-on crash occurred Friday evening on a two lane Route 9 near Duck Pond Road and I-90 Exit 12. One of the two drivers died and the other had to be extricated from the vehicle and was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

Coons was one of the founding members of the department about 45 years ago. According to Wheeler, when the first truck was purchased in 1957, Coons housed the truck in his barn until a department building was constructed. Coon