On September 11, the people United together.
We came together as One Nation Under God.
When the cry went out for help, the members of the Public Safety Community stopped what they were doing and answered the call. Be it Paid or Volunteer they ran, for a BROTHER was down. I was told by many of a sight that was not reported on.
No pictures were taken and it's not talked about much.
A sight that still makes me cry to think about it.
As Rescue Trucks from N.J.and Long Island rolled over the Bridges to reach Manhattan they paused. Each truck was said to have raised the American Flag from somewhere and was flying it proudly as they entered the city. The people were said to cheer and cry as they went by. Yells of, "Thank You" and "God Bless You" came from every street corner they passed. My Nephew, who is a Volunteer from N.J., was assigned to the Bronx to cover one of the houses. He was told to keep the doors locked as this area was one of the worst. He and his unit were only to come out for a call. The people of the neighborhood started stopping by with food and asking them if they needed anything or if there was anything that they could do for them. They were offering the use of their cell phones and a soft bed if the men needed a place to sleep. People were constantly thanking them for all the help they were giving during this time. To this day, I still get goosebumps thinking about the outpouring of community & brotherhood. God Bless. We will always remember.