Joseph Marchbanks

Life for Teresa Marchbanks and her family will never be the same. But they are moving on.

Last month, family members flew to Colorado to see her sister get married.

It was a bittersweet affair, because Teresa's husband, Joseph, was not there.

Joseph Marchbanks Jr., 47, was chief of the New York City Fire Department's Battalion 12.

Working to save lives on Sept. 11, he was in the lobby of the south tower when it collapsed.

Teresa said her husband would have been proud of how their children, Lauren, 15, and Ryan, 9, had borne up during this difficult year.

With their quiet display of strength, they are so very like their father that it amazes her.

As the anniversary of the terror attacks approaches, the Nanuet woman struggles with many fears.

"I can't even explain it," she said. "It just seems like it's so final