Kevin Reilly

A difficult year has gotten harder lately for Jennifer Reilly and her family.

Reilly and her husband, Kevin, should have celebrated their first wedding anniversary on July 7, her birthday later in July and Kevin's in August.

Instead, she is anxiously waiting for the first anniversary of the attacks to pass.

"I'm counting the days until it comes and it's over," Reilly said.

Kevin Reilly, 28, grew up in Spring Valley and Nanuet. He followed his father into the New York City Fire Department after being appointed in January 2000. He was last seen in the lobby of the north tower minutes before it collapsed.

His survivors also include his parents, a brother and a sister.

Jennifer Reilly said things quieted down once there weren't so many funeral and memorial services to attend. The situation, for better and worse, allowed her more time to think about Kevin.

The high school sweethearts met while attending Albertus Magnus in Bardonia. Kevin also graduated from Oneonta College, SUNY.

Reilly returned to work in October as a teacher at Evans Park Elementary School in Pearl River. She continues this school year.

Reilly still lives in the Manhattan neighborhood where she and Kevin settled. They had planned to stay a few years before moving to Pearl River, where she grew up.

Her friends and family have helped get her through tough days, and she recently got a dog. She named the 6-month-old miniature dachshund Radar, after the nickname given to Kevin by his college fraternity brothers. Radar O'Reilly was a character from the "M*A*S*H" television series.

Even with work and friends to fill time, her thoughts are never far from Kevin.

"We miss him a lot," Reilly said. "It doesn't take a year anniversary for us to think about him and remember. We do that every day."