William Kondratiuk, Sr. - Bayonne, N.J. firefighter - 29 years of service, passed away on 3/27/98 after a 14 month battle with leukemia.

He retired in 1994 at the age of 50 and became a Bayonne city housing inspector.

He loved the job, and especially the guys in his house on 27th street.
Notable people to list:

Jackie Doris- You are the best and I will hold you close in my heart forever for being there for him!! (also BFD retired)
Brian Sweeney - (BFD retired) Thank you
Sully, Eddie, Gregory, Stevie all Bayonne FD - Thank you for being his friends.

Many more thanks to everyone I personally did not mention.

Dad, thanks for being there ALL the time for your family. I miss you each and every day, and wish you had the chance to meet your grand children. You were not just my father, you were my best friend.

William Kondratiuk, Jr.