About 5 years ago, my mom suffered her first heart attack. I did not know it was a heart attack at the time as the paramedic wished to spare me anxiety and said they were just taking her to the hospital as a precaution.

The call was answered with full "bells and whistles," with firefighters, paramedics and policemen.

After the police left, as they were getting my mom into the ambulance, a firefighter stayed with me to help me gather my mom's things and to make sure I would be OK to drive.

As we got to my parking lot, two big, burly firemen were caring for a pigeon that must have been hit by a car. I remember them diagnosing its broken wing. As one cupped it gently in his hands, the other searched for something to make a splint.

Well, pigeons in Las Vegas (and, I'm sure, most everywhere) are not a top priority.

Not to the firemen. They cradled it, comforted it and tried to make it better. One of them even got some water for it to drink.

Firemen have it in their hearts to save lives; be it a person or a pigeon.

Thank you for your love, caring and compassion. Thank you for being......