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Thread: Families offer insights into coping, moving on

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    Families offer insights into coping, moving on

    Michael Roberts

    Lisa Roberts went to a wedding with her family a few months ago, and they didn't take any pictures, which was unusual for them.

    But family pictures no longer are fun; someone is missing.

    Her brother, Michael Edward Roberts, 31, a firefighter with Ladder Company 35, was killed Sept. 11.

    His family

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    My tribute

    I am myself a second genoration fire fighter in Indianapolis. I was hit hard like millions of others when I watched the attacks on 9/11 on the T.V. in the firehouse. I wanted so much to be able to do something for the victoms and their families. I did not know what to do. Untill 9 months ago that is. My wife told me that we were pregnant again and when we started to discuss names, I knew what I wanted to do. So on 11/6/02 when my son was born we named him Michael Robert Jennings as a tibute. This way the memory of Michael Roberts lives on.

    Tim Jennings

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