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    Information update

    Hello Brian

    I spent yesterday watching the services televised from Ground Zero, The Pentagon and Philadelphia, and St Pauls in London.

    Along with many of our local community, we observed a three minute silence at 13.46pm. In the city of Norwich, 25 miles from my home, White Watch of the cities fire brigade paraded outside their station, (firehouse) to observe the silence. In all our local shops and offices and in the streets, the silence was observed.

    I am sure you will have seen on TV, the moving ceremony from St Pauls and the falling petals which symbolised those lost in the tragedy. A report in our local paper, the Eastern Daily Press, told us how the Dean of St Pauls went to Covent Garden market at 4am yesterday morning to buy the white roses required.

    When the porters learned why he needed 600 white roses, they had a collection and bought the roses themselves as a mark of their respect and love for the fallen.

    I hope that this brings some comfort to you and your brothers. We know how difficult it is to come to terms with any loss, but on this magnitude, words cannot express the depth of our support for you all.

    If it is at all possible, please pass on our support to all those involved in your organisation.


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    thank you
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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