One year has passed, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I didnt believe my eyes when I saw the planes crash into the World Trade Centre. I had just begin to cook dinner, when my husband rushed into the kitchen and grabbed me, while he screamed: "Oh my God, you have to see this"!! I followed him to the TV, and saw the damage after the first plane. My husband yelled about "It must have been a bomb". But then we saw the second plane, and heard the reportes talking about a terrorist-attack! When they also talked about Pentagon and the plane which crashed in Shanksville, I dropped the steak on the floor.

We didnt turn on the TV until 6.00 p.m, we didnt have the radio on either, so we heard the news 3 hours after the attack. Two of our Tv-stations cancelled all their programs and send news about the attack instead. I was shocked, I thought that I wouldnt be able to stop crying. It was a nightmare, so many people!!!

I like the US, every American I have met has been so nice, polite, and so on. My sister in law visited the WTC a year before the attack, she said she couldnt believe that it was gone.

The day after we didnt do any work at the school I went to at that time. We just talked about the attack. We also got the news about all the firefighters who lost their lives, that was very hard news. I also got angry that they had to die because of some stupid terrorists. Why?

In our newspapers there was a big picture of a firefighter named Mike Kehoe, it was taken inside one of the towers. I thougt "O no, he probably died", but then I found out that he made it, he got out in time. I was so glad that he was still alive that I kissed the picture of him. The firefighters who died, and those who survived, are all big heroes here in Sweden. They have become role-models for firefighters here.

All victims, may you rest in peace.

with all my love and respect,