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    I am sure many of you watched the remembrance services, live on 9/11/02. A report in my local paper, The E.D.P. carried this report on the morning of the 12th.

    On the morning of the 11th September, the Dean of St Pauls Cathedral in London, went to the market at 4am to buy the 600 white roses required to produce the petals needed for the ceremony.

    When the Dean was asked why he was buying so many white roses, he told the porter what they were for. Word went round the market and the porters and buyers collected donations to pay for the roses. They did this as a mark of respect for the fallen and as a mark of love and support for those relatives and friends left behind.

    I hope that this small report gives some support.


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    Dear Carol,

    That was a nice story. Here in Sweden our Royal family and prime-minister visited a memory service in the Engish Church.

    I hope that something like 9/11-2001 never will happen again.


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