FDNY Firefighters Wed

Firehouse Magazine

Two FDNY firefighters were married on Friday Sept. 27, 2002 in Brooklyn.

The two, Pat Ricca, 27, and Aisha Bauman, 32, met while Ricca was in the FDNY Cadet Program and Bauman was an instructor. They met during a rotation "And I knew this was it" Ricca said. "He talked me into taking the test and we went through it together" Bauman said of the promotional exam and eventually they were hired together on Oct. 2, 2000.

Bauman, who works at Engine 224 in Brooklyn, wore her bunker boots under her white wedding gown. Ricca is assigned to Engine 212 in Brooklyn.

The bride and groom posed on the front of Engine 212 for wedding photos as well Engine 224, which both were present outside the Marriott hotel.

The wedding ceremony was done by former FDNY Fire Commissioner Joseph Bruno who served in the late 1980s. When asked about the honeymoon, Ricca said "We don't have time. We have a city to save!"