Four-Alarm Fire Rips Through Bronx Buildings; Injures 18 People

Courtesy WABC 7, Morris Park-Morris Park

It was an ugly start to the day for firefighters in the Bronx. A four-alarm fire raged overnight injuring more than a dozen firefighters and tenants. It was a very dangerous fire and there were crews still on the scene this morning.

Eighteen people have been hospitalized from this fire with 15 of them being firefighters. The fire forced several families into the streets and into the rain this morning.

But there were no life-threatening injuries reported around 6:00 a.m. and considering how severe this fire was, the results could have been much worse.

As the first of the fire was cleared from the damage, it went to four alarms as it burned through three adjacent buildings.

Each of the buildings were home to several families.

All of the buildings were damaged. Flames spread throughout all three buildings.

One family said they felt lucky to have escaped with their lives.

Resident: "As soon as we got out, it just extended and got out of control. My daughter's windows blew in, but she got out all right.

The people on the third floor inhaled smoke and we don't know what happened to them. We lost everything. All three families lost completely everything."

Resident: "Its a nightmare. We have been here 17 years. Its an absolute nightmare."

Residents of nearby buildings not damaged by flames were also evacuated.

Captain Bob Picard, FDNY: "There was a potential heart attack and we are unsure about his condition, but the remaining firefighters have various injuries. Some may be more serious than others."

Many of the injuries are smoke related. Firefighters also suffered bruises and cuts as they fought the fire.