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Thread: Memorial Cross At Ground Zero

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    Memorial Cross At Ground Zero

    Posted on Fri, Oct. 04, 2002

    Steel cross at Ground Zero is issue
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK - Jane Pollicino stood Friday beneath the cross-shaped steel beam at ground zero, her late husband's name on a bracelet around her wrist.

    "This is clearly a message from God, that he was always there for us," she said, looking up at the cross that improbably survived the Sept. 11 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. "A message to keep having faith."

    Pollicino, whose husband Steve was among the 2,800 people killed at the Trade Center, wants that message to endure. The Long Island woman has added her voice to a group that is pushing for the 20-foot cross to be included in the site's permanent memorial.

    "Nothing in this world makes sense to me anymore," she said. "I'm looking for signs. And this cross can't be ignored."

    The beam, shaped like a cross, was discovered Sept. 13 by a construction worker searching for survivors.

    "It was the first sign, really, that God was at ground zero," said engineer Joseph Bradley.

    A year ago, workers moved it atop a concrete stand in a corner of ground zero.

    The Rev. Brian Jordan, a Franciscan priest, blessed the cross that day and for months celebrated Sunday Mass under it. Jordan has collected more than 50,000 signatures on petitions to include the cross in a permanent ground zero memorial.

    The Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which is overseeing the rebuilding of the area, has not decided what the final memorial at ground zero would include.

    "There are many powerful symbols that emerged in the aftermath of Sept. 11, including the cross, and we need to figure out how best to preserve them," said corporation spokesman Matt Higgins.

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    They have to keep the Cross!!!

    When I first read about this Cross in Report from Ground Zero, I thought it was little short of a miracle that such a powerful, enduring symbol of faith and hope could be found in the aftermath of such a cowardly, hate-filled attack. Actually, I prefer to think it was a miracle, a sign sent at a time when the people of New York and everyone in the Western world needed a reminder that God is still looking out for us. And as such, that Cross should definitely form part of whatever memorial is created at Ground Zero. Good luck to all those campaigning to make sure this happens - and is there any way I can help?

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