Hi all -

Brian will get around to posting this on the bulletin board SOMEDAY but I wanted to get the word out.

I am auctioning items for FBF on ebay and, due to the number of requests for International Orders, have included a few caps, shirts and ornaments in the auctions. I WILL ship overseas.

If you want these for the holidays, now's the time to get them.

It's easy:
1. Go to www.ebay.com
2. Click on Register
3. Enter your information; ebay will return email you a verification code
4. Click on Search on home page - click on By Seller
5. Enter Fallen_Brothers_Foundation
6. Place a bid on those items you want.

Although I couldn't get the link working tonight, you can go to Search on this (FBF) site and enter ebay. I already posted an easy link that takes you right to the auctions.

Besides FDNY and FBF items, there are other things auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to FBF. So please check it regularly.

I hope this helps our International friends in being able to get the items they want.

Any questions re ebay or the items? Please email me at adonna@fallenbrothers.com.