Hanging in a place of Honor at "The Nut House" on Hancock St, Bklyn, is an extraordinary painting of extraordinary men who sacrificed their lives for us.

These men shared their lives and were loved by my brother Greg (L111), wife Rosie and sons Vincent and Joseph. A friend of Vinny referenced individual photos to compose the brothers in memoriam just as they had been together in their final sacrifice.

My love and respect to the men of E214/L111, both living and sacrificed, and to their families. Thank you Roseanne, for sharing this with me, and in turn, with our audience.

"Our Brothers"
From L to R: FF Michael Roberts, Lt. Christopher Sullivan, FF Carl Bedigan, FF Kenny Watson, FF John Florio.

Painting by Lindsey Keeney.
Painting photographed by Richard Becker.