There is not a lot I can probably say which hasn't been said already, I discovered this site after reading Dennis Smith's heart rendering (if thats the correct explanation) and thought provoking book called "Report From Ground Zero" and really felt I had to get in touch. I had no relations or any connections with any of the victims in this tradegy, but feel the same emotions today (11/18/02) as I did on 9/11 with the exception of being able not to cry anymore. The footage filmed by the 2 French brothers was aired in the U.K on the aniversary of 9/11. It takes a lot of courage to do what your boys did but it must have taken a lot of courage for the families of the victims to permit the broadcasting of the film. My thoughts are always with them too. I hope as I speak on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom that like everybody in the United States, WE WONT GIVE UP UNTIL THE PEOPLE OF THIS SPITEFULL CRIME ARE BROUGHT TO AN END. I hope one day I can visit your country even if it is just to visit "ground zero" and pray. I love you all, and may England & USA always be standing side by side. Dave. Southend, England.