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    merry x-mas and a happy new year

    a merry X-mas and a happy New Year for everybody wishes the 1st Group of the Fire Station Velbert-T

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    Cool������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Merry Christmas everyone...

    Well, it's late Christmas Eve here in Australia, and a hot, humid eve it is too, complete with thunderstorm and some very welcome rain... anyway, I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish the FDNY and their families - and to everyone else out there - a merry Christmas and a happy 2003. I hope this year the season is a little easier for you all to bear than it must have been last year. I'll be thinking of you. Take care of yourselves and each other,



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    Smile����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Seasons Greetings

    I would like to send seasons greetings and best wishes for 2003 to all the families and friends in the NYFD. May 2003 bring us closer together as a family of the world.

    Moments in time remember the hearts linked in love.
    Hands across the oceans bring healing to the bereaved. Remember and rejoice in the lives given so freely, full of love's sacrifice.

    Grief is the price of love, and love was the sacrifice made for us. Let us remember at this time, that the good Lord knew and was willing to pay that price, from the moment of his birth.

    If we can give a moment in time to honour each such sacrifice, then their names will live for ever on the wings of time, born up into his hands to look upon the face of God and looking into that face, know how deep his love is.

    With love

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