This past September, I was priviledged to ride to New York with other Firefighters on Harley's. Over three hundred of us made it to New York.

The emotional feeling I had can't be put into words. My heart goes out to all of my brothers in New York. I can't begin to know what you have gone through. Please know that this firefighter, in this little corner of Canada has been thinking of you since 911.

When we arrived in New York, we were told that the Police could not get all the bikes to Ground Zero. One call from a New York Firefighter changed all that. We spent three hours at Ground Zero from Midnight Sept 10th. All the firefighters I met in New York were great, especially the ones who rode Harley's and lead us to Ground Zero.

I can't say enough about the people I met on this ride. Every town along the way came out to meet us.

Anyone who rides and comes to my neighbourhood should look me up. I'll show you some great riding area's. I'll try to return some of the hospitality you have shown me where ever I have ridden in the USA.