I've wanted to express my feelings about what happened on 9/11 since it happened, but each time I have tried, it has seemed too difficult to capture how sad and shocked and affected by the deaths of so many people I have been.
Now that we look like we are at war, I am reminded of all the individual sacrifice that has gone before this, particularly from the NY fire dept , which we hope, by fighting in Iraq, we go to preventing ever happening again.
I hope to all of you who are in the midst of what Sept 11 has left, are in a small way comforted by the knowledge that people from over the world grieve still for you, and will never forget. Life has not gone on as usual even if it may appear that way.
As my son commences his university degree to be a Paramedic, I hope that the world he joins professionally will become a safer place to be, because so many others before him have given so much. Thank you.