"Of all my parents' friends, the only one happy going to work was a member of 120 Truck. I was only 16 then, but that is when I decided I wanted to be a fireman," said Peter J. Ganci, Jr., Chief of Department. Obviously, a wise decision--one that was prodigious for Chief Ganci, as well as the FDNY. As Chief of Department, Chief Ganci was responsible for both Fire and EMS Operations, Training and Fire Prevention and also was required to represent uniformed members of the Department at ceremonial functions. It is no secret that firefighters enjoy their time in the firehouse. It's where the action is, where they want to be. Headquarters is the antithesis of this and many balk when assigned there. Chief Ganci took a different tack when called upon. Although he, too, loved the action of the field, he viewed his assignment at Headquarters as "giving back to the FDNY." In Chief Ganci's opinion, "Staff Chiefs have the opportunity to make things better for the firefighters coming after us." At Headquarters, "we have the opportunity to make an impact. I'm very proud of the Incident Safety Officers Program (formulated in conjunction with former UFOA President Deputy Chief Artie Parrinello). I could not have accomplished this in the field; here, it's a different story." Accustomed to action, working at Headquarters was a difficult adjustment for the Chief. "It seems that I spend an excessive amount of time trying to resolve one conflict or another. Most of the issues I face daily are problems of some sort. It doesn't leave much time to acknowledge the good our guys do every day," said Chief Ganci. "One of the most difficult aspects of my job is striking a balance between an obligation to the public and our members. I continually strive to do the right thing by both." How will Chief Ganci be remembered? He hopes as "a good fireman...a good Chief." The name Ganci will continue to be familiar for many years to come, however, as Peter, III, now is a firefighter, assigned to Ladder 111.