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Thread: Fire Unions 'ad' Fury To Fiscal Fight

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    Fire Unions 'ad' Fury To Fiscal Fight



    May 13, 2003 -- FDNY unions have teamed up with an advertising agency in a media campaign urging Mayor Bloomberg not to close eight firehouses because "Budget cuts are suicide."

    Using hard-hitting radio spots and posters, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association and the Unformed Firefighters Association hope their message will be heard: Firehouse closures will lead to injury, property loss and even death.

    "We believe we have to take this issue to the entire public because we have to drive home the fact that [firehouse closings] impact public safety in the city, not just the eight communities where the firehouses are located," said UFOA president Peter Gorman.

    Three radio spots are expected to began airing today.

    And starting tomorrow, posters will be plastered on scaffoldings and barricades throughout the city.

    One poster with the tag "Budget cuts are suicide," and depicting a fire hose tied as a noose, will be hung in neighborhoods where firehouses are scheduled to close.

    Bloomberg spokesman Jordan Barowitz said: "Nobody wants to close firehouses . . . Unfortunately, the city is in the midst of a severe financial crisis."

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    FDNY at end of its rope

    FDNY at end of its rope

    Spare 8 firehouses, ad pleads


    City firefighters unions are asking Mayor Bloomberg not to leave them hanging.

    In a last-ditch bid to save eight firehouses from being shuttered, the unions launched a haunting ad campaign yesterday featuring a noose and the bloody words "Budget Cuts Are Suicide."

    "There is only one person in this city that can keep this firehouse open ... Mayor Michael Bloomberg," Stephen Cassidy, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, said in front of Engine 36 on 125th St. in Harlem, one of the firehouses slated to be closed.

    "Ask the mayor why, the next time there is a death in this community," he said.

    The Bloomberg administration estimates the firehouse closings, scheduled to take effect May 23, will shave roughly $11 million from the present FDNY budget.

    "Public safety is paramount to the mayor, and nobody wants to close fire companies," said Jordan Barowitz, a mayoral spokesman.

    "Unfortunately, the city is in the midst of a severe fiscal crisis and difficult choices have to be made," Barowitz said.

    In a chilling, one-minute radio message, acid-tongued comic Denis Leary warns that closing the firehouses will reduce response times and endanger many lives.

    Others on hit list

    In addition to Engine 36, the firehouses slated for closing are Engine 204 in Cobble Hill, Engine 209 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Engine 212 in Greenpoint, Squad 252 in Bushwick, Engine 278 in Sunset Park - all in Brooklyn - and Engine 261 in Long Island City and Engine 293 in Woodhaven, Queens.

    A giant banner hung outside the narrow, red-brick Harlem firehouse read "Stop the closing of Engine 36."

    "It's a damn shame," said Pringle Mallette, 54, who has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years.

    "Everyone is talking about protecting the homeland.

    " I think this [Engine 36] is one of the first defenses."

    Originally published on May 14, 2003

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