I watched the TV, saw the first Tower fall,
Panic, destruction - my duty's call.

I got on the truck and went to the site,
My heart was racing and filled with fright.

How could someone do this? They must be insane,
To kill so many people with the crash of a plane.

I put on my gear, pushed through the debris,
And felt a driving force with me.

As I pulled through the wreckage, I heard a faint cry,
I wish I'd had time for one last good-bye.

I crawled down inside and then felt a rumble,
It was then that the building started to crumble.

I don't have a face, or even a name,
So many Brothers died just the same.

Whenever you see what we now call Ground Zero,
Remember this tale of a true fallen hero.

September 11, 2001

-- Erin K. Mulrenan --