Ladder 10 was originally organized on October 20, 1865, in the former firehouse of Southawk Engine 38 of the old volunteer department. After being disbanded in 1975 due to a budget crisis, they were re-organized on July 1, 1984 in the quarters of Engine 10 at 124 Liberty Street in lower Manhattan, becoming only one of two FDNY fire stations to have both the same number engine and ladder in the same quarters. Due to this unusual situation this firehouse became known as the "Tenhouse". Directly across the street from World Trade Center Tower 2 (South Tower), it was damaged on 9/11/01. For several months following that date, the company was placed out of service. It went back into service on February 19, 2002 and temporarily responded from the nearby quarters of Engine 4 and Ladder 15, at 42 South Street, while their Liberty Street firehouse was repaired and decontaminated. Their first alarm area consists mainly of old and modern high-rise office buildings, historic churches and piers. Along with many other FDNY rigs, their 1994 Seagrave rear mount aerial was destroyed on 9/11. It has been replaced with a specially painted 2001 Seagrave 100 foot rear mount, the only one with such murals on the apparatus.
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