My cousin is a firefighter in Illinois and he told me about a rescue his station went on. I have written this about it ... I hope you enjoy it ...

Heroes and Angels

Heat intense
The flames roar
As they rush
Through the door

Smoke is thick
They yell
"Is anyone here"
Visibility is nil

Searching rooms
Heat penetrates gloves
Searching desperately
Hearing shouts from above

They race up the stairs
Glass explodes out
Heat scoarching within
"Help us" they hear the shout

Red glow all around
He prays "Help us find them God"
With a glance toward the sky
To the door he does nod

Entering quickly
The family they see
Mother and two children
Count of three

Flames engulf the room
Each grabbing one
They race for the door
Quickly they run

Roofs falling
Walls ablaze
Out in the open
They stand and gaze

The little girl in his arms
Looks in his eyes
"You are my hero"
He begins to cry

Another feels a tug on his hand
He drops to his knees
A hug and kiss from the boy
"You saved my mom and sister for me"

Mom is stunned
She breaks down in tears
This is the first time he
Has spoken in two years

You are heroes
You are angels
May God give you
His Blessings and Love.