Obviously, credit card is the preferred way to pay, since that keeps things automated for us. When you order directly online, your order might be processed as quick as the same day. We're not saying that it will be, but the less manually handling of an order, the quicker.

If you've got security concerns about credit cards over the Internet, ummmm, get over it. Rude? Yeah, but I can't be more blunt. If the website is on a secure server (when taking your personal info), and your browser is showing you that it is secure, then the only security issue you need to worry about is the people on the other end of the transaction. No outsider is looking at your transaction. If you don't trust the people on the other end of the transaction, then you wouldn't give them your info on the phone either, and you wouldn't be purchasing.

Now, for those not fortunate to have credit cards... yes, we can accomodate you. Fill up your shopping cart, and then, AFTER choosing the shipping option and reviewing your order, before you check out on the secure server, you can instead print out your order and mail it to us at:

Fallen Brothers Foundation
PO Box 427
Brewster, NY 10509

Checks written out to Fallen Brothers Foundation

We also have PayPal available to those with a PayPal account.
For PayPal purchases, do the same as the Check method, but then you can email us your order, and when we receive your PayPal payment, we can process your order.

Pay by PayPal to: PayPal@FallenBrothers.com on the PayPal.com site

All orders other than credit card need to be processed manually, and there can be signicant delays. This is unavoidable. Sorry. We are overworked, and subject ourselves to this on a voluntary basis. The main restructuring of the site was to help automate the process. Please use a credit card when you can. It's better for you, and for us.