FDNY Memorial Ladder 10 Flag Truck

Only 10,000 made and sold for $65.00 each
Already on Ebay going for $95.00 and up.

See how a limited edition raises the price for those
who didnt buy early.
Cant wait to see what the highest bid will
be on these toy firetrucks....

FDNY Ladder 10 which is a Seagrave Rear mount Ladder Truck. It is packed with unbelievable detail and features perfect, sharp lettering. The aerial device is finely detailed including outriggers that extend and lower and the aerial can be easily raised and rotated 360 degrees. Ladder 10 was stationed on Liberty Street directly across from Ground Zero. When this new Ladder Truck was delivered to the FDNY by the Seagrave Company, it was painted in a commemorative Mural to capture the bravery and patriotism shown on September 11, 2001 and to honor those who are no longer with us. This is a model of post-9/11/01 apparatus that was ordered by FDNY.