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Thread: 'Tribute in Light' To Mark 9/11 Anniversary

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    'Tribute in Light' To Mark 9/11 Anniversary

    'Tribute in Light' To Mark 9/11 Anniversary

    By Katia Hetter and Glenn Thursh
    Staff Writers

    August 11, 2003, 4:38 PM EDT

    The "Tribute in Light," haunting twin blue beams that were once indelible markers of loss and resurrection at Ground Zero, will shine again on Sept. 11 and on every anniversary of the terror attacks.

    The beams, projected with the power of 2 million light bulbs, will be a centerpiece of the second anniversary commemoration of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to details released Monday.

    The key element of the ceremony at Ground Zero next month will be the reading of the names of the 2,800 attack victims, recited by 200 children related to the dead.

    "Our intent is to hold a ceremony that is simple and powerful and honors the memory of those lost, so we can remember and reflect," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a joint statement with Gov. George Pataki.

    Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will also attend the memorial, which will begin with a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. to mark the moment when the first hijacked jetliner struck the North Tower. At that time, church bells throughout the city will toll in unison.

    Wantagh resident Jennie Farrell, who lost her brother, apprentice electrician James Cartier, when the towers were destroyed, was pleased to hear the lights would return.

    "It sounds very appropriate and respectful," said Farrell, who helped launch Give Your Voice, a group for victims' family members. "I'm especially moved that the Tribute of Light has returned ... It's almost as if their beautiful souls are smiling down at us and we're smiling back at them."

    As in last year's ceremony, families will file seven stories down the ramp into the pit, where they will lay wreaths and observe the reading of the names.

    Families were buffeted by winds and swirling dust at the first anniversary ceremony, which unnerved many in attendance. This year's service will conclude at noon, when trumpeters from the police and fire department bands play "Taps."

    The lights, two banks of powerful 44 xenon arc bulbs that emit an ethereal azure glow, will be turned on at sunset.

    Exactly where they will be placed is still up in the air; construction crews have begun working on the lot at the corner of West and Vesey streets used for the equipment last year, city officials said.

    The city will raise money to pay for the display through a nonprofit corporation and will soon begin seeking donations from the public.

    The blue beams, initially sponsored by the Municipal Arts Society, shot a mile into the night sky on March 11, 2002, and were extinguished a month later, costing a total of $500,000.

    Details of the commemoration:

    7:00 a.m. Guests begin to gather at the World Trade Center site.

    8:30 a.m. Program begins.

    8:46 a.m. Moment of silence -- observance of time first plane struck North Tower. Houses of worship will toll their bells throughout the city. Children begin reading of names in pairs. The names will be read by children related to those lost. Each child will read approximately 14 names.

    8:47 a.m. Families may begin to descend ramp to the lowest level of the site where they can lay flowers.

    9:03 a.m. Moment of silence -- observance of time second plane struck South Tower. Reading of names continues; music resumes.

    9:59 a.m. Moment of silence -- observance of time of fall of the South Tower. Reading of names continues. Music resumes.

    10:29 a.m. Moment of silence -- observance of time of fall of the North Tower. Reading of names continues. Music resumes.

    12:00 p.m. Taps performed by two trumpeters from the NYPD and FDNY. Final music performance. Program ends.,6930706.story

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    New York Announces 9/11 Anniversary Plan

    New York Announces 9/11 Anniversary Plan

    Associated Press Writer

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Children whose loved ones died in the attack on the World Trade Center will help recite names of the nearly 2,800 victims during a ceremony marking the two year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    About 200 children, grouped in pairs, will read the names accompanied by music. Each child will read about 14 names. Many of the children have lost relatives in the attack, although it is not clear whether all 200 will be victims' relatives, said a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg said the date has become synonymous with not only great sorrow, but also courage and resilience, and should focus on the future.

    "In keeping with that, we will ask our children to take the lead in the ceremony," Bloomberg said. "It is in them that the spirit of our city lives on."

    The ceremony will begin Sept. 11 at 8:30 a.m. at the trade center site. There will be a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., when the first jetliner struck the north tower, and three other breaks in the reading of 2,792 names to mark the times when the south tower was struck, and when each tower collapsed.


    Last year, it took 2 1/2 hours for 197 readers to complete the list of victims' names.

    Families will be allowed to walk around the site and leave flowers and other mementos.

    The "Tribute in Light," twin beams of light that are beamed skyward to evoke the twin towers, will be switched on at sunset. The tribute, which was turned on nightly for several weeks in spring 2002, will be repeated on each Sept. 11 to come, city officials said.

    Bloomberg and Gov. George Pataki will be joined at the ceremony by New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

    Copyright 2003 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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