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Thread: All About Helmets Traditional Vs. Modern

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    All About Helmets Traditional Vs. Modern

    Cairns Brothers Aluminum 1970s
    A helmet is only as good as the head inside it.
    I preferred the Cairns Aluminum helmet from
    the 1970,s. It was great for breaking windows,
    and if you wanted to be in style you wore it backwards.
    That way nobody knew if you were coming or going.
    Then some genius said, hey you could get electrocuted
    if you came in contact with an electrical source. So that was the end of the Cairns Aluminum Helmet..
    But then it must have been the same genius that said lets get rid of the wooden ladders because they were too heavy.
    So what do we buy ?(Right, you got it)Aluminum metal ladders because they are lighter, but dont they conduct electricity?
    Then someone came out with the plastic helmets.
    Well , until you see one melted at a fire or melted
    stuck to your head, what can I say.. Go Cairns leather
    traditional and dont worry about the weight.
    And dont be the guy who carrys it under his arm,
    because it might mess up his hair.But whatever
    you buy, treat your helmet with respect, for the
    life it saves may be your own..

    Neil H. Donahue
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