Sweet William,
You are a true Hero. Not just for what you did on 9/11 but for how you lived your life. The loving husband you were, the loving father you were, the best son you were and the great brother you were. As we approach another year without you it doesn't get any easier. The pain is still unbearable. Not a moment of a day that goes by do we stop thinking about you and stop missing you. I know that beautiful Garth Brooks song you left to your Mary shows what a loving person you were. I heard another song by him that makes me cry but also gives me some comfort. It tells us our choice to not feel this pain would have meant not knowing you and having you in our lives. For that beautiful moment I will take all this pain. The song is called "The Dance" and the words go "I could have missed the pain, But I'd have had to miss the Dance." Thanks for the Dance Billy.

Always in my heart
Your Sister