I am a female firefighter , I became permanently disabled in the line of duty. I lost my income , my home, my ability to live life the way that I used to . Having to allow others to attend to my personal needs stole much of my pride. I was very depressed and feeling sorry for myself. Then 9-11 happened. I realized how lucky I am to be alive and I worked day and night making ribbons to sell to raise money for New York, I raised a lot, but it wasn't enough . I had someone take all the seats out of the back of my van and put a bed in the back so I could lay down and still make the trip to help out in New York. I got on a volunteer list with the Red Cross and away we went. I saw the distruction and I felt your pain.

And to this day I can honestly say, I am proud to be who I am , I am proud to be a disabled firefighter, and that the firefighters of New York gave me my life back. I am now teaching EMT classes. I guess its like retired ball players, those who can no longer do, teach. I hope you all find the stregth that you need to carry on, the world is with you and keeps you and your loved ones in their prayers. May God Bless you All and Keep You Safe. FireLady