First I have to start by saying I miss Tom. Time doesn't make that lessen with a guy like Tom. He had a smile that would warm any heart and make you happy to have run into him.

I knew Tom from up here in Putnam County, not a very big place. When I first met him I had encountered a problem with movers and needed help moving from one place to another. He was the first one to volunteer and he barely knew me. That was Tom. He would take on the most boring job and do it cheerfully. He would help anyone.

And what a looker! I have yet to meet a woman of any age that didn't have a crush on him. That smile I spoke of could win anybody over! Men looked up to him. He was honest and while I'm sure he knew the effect he had on the women, he never let on. Well, maybe a little, that smile was certainly something!

He loved his daughter and would plan these elaborate vacations returning from them beaming over his daughters accomplishments on them. These were never ordinary vacations but the unbelievable kind most of us dream about. I am happy that Kristen has these memories and sad that her children will be deprived of such an incredible man to Grandfather them and take them on adventures.

The world is poorer for the loss of this man. He taught me many things while he was here and has continued to teach me in his absence. There are remarkable people in what seems like ordinary circumstances. Recognize them and celebrate them while you can.

God bless you and keep you Tom. God bless your brothers from 252. God bless all the FDNY and all emergency responders everywhere.