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Thread: Remember the Blood of Heroes

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    Remember the Blood of Heroes

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    Never forget

    when I watched Remember the Blood of Heros I cryed so hard, its very moving.

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    Post������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Thanx

    Thank you so much.

    I know the clip is very moving but its the truth
    When I saw the clip I also cryed a lot.
    Its made by Jim Byers and he gave it to me to use it on my website.

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    Fallen Brothers Community - Reply to Topic
    Neil, whoever came up with the concept for "Remember the Blood of Heroes" should really be commended. The entire production ,from beginning to end, hit the nail on the head as far as national safety and security are concerned.

    Although, I counselled thousands of police, fire, rescue, construction professionals, strategy experts, etc. during the entire "recovery mission" at ground zero; I thought I had made peace with the hauntingly sorrowful memories of 9/11. However, after seeing "Remember the Blood of Heroes", I was able to look back on 9/11 in a new light. The words and music, brought back memories of "All Immediate Response Teams with Experts being dispatched under guarded national orders to a "National Red Alert" call to the heart of NYC.

    I remember the silent march of "emergency death-defying" NJ CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) teams silently doing serious business and setting up command posts to assist our country and nation. The "Blood of Heroes" reminded me of what we all should be standing for right now:
    Full Guard Honor of America; and we should REMAIN in Full Guarded Honor of the lost innocents. We should continue to fight for what is right, and fight
    for our country's freedom.

    Our American forefathers who created and signed our Nation's Declaration of Independence all risked their lives by standing for what was right in order to enable us to have a Contract for American Freedom, Justice, and Independence today. In those days, could have been bound and quartered and beheaded for going against the rules of the King or powers that be. However, they believed in freedom, fairness, and all were and remained courageous. They did not listen to what others thought they should do.

    So, thank you for "Blood of Heroes" and putting things in black and white. America is in Stage II now, and must remain strong, alert, and keep a vigil watch to procure safety, security, and American Freedom.
    Thank you.
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