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Thread: Poem for all affected by 9-11

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    This poem I found so inspiring. I got it in a program from Vincent Morello's Memorial Service. Everytime I read it I will always think of you Vin.

    In Memory of Vincent Morello
    FDNY Ladder 35
    Lost in the line of Duty 9-11-01

    Im gone now, but I'm still very near
    Death can never seperate us.
    Each time you feel a gentle breeze,
    It's my hand caressing your face.
    Each time the wind blows,
    It carries my voice whispering your name.
    When the wind blows your hair ever so slightly,
    Think of it as me pushing a few stray hairs back in place.
    When you feel a few raindrops fall on your face,
    It's me placing soft kisses.
    At night look up in the sky and see the stars shining so brightly.
    I'm one of those stars and im winking at you and smiling with delight.
    For never forget you're the apple of my eye.

    - Mary M. Green
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