In August 2002, Mike Lennon, a retired New York City firefighter and a novice filmmaker, was in the news as he rushed to complete a documentary based on his interviews with firefighters who had been at the World Trade Center when it was destroyed.

Mr. Lennon, who retired in 1998, finished his film, "Brothers . . . on Holy Ground," just before the first anniversary of the terrorist attack, but it was not shown anywhere in connection with the anniversary.

Since then, Mr. Lennon said last week, the 54-minute film, narrated by Pete Hamill, has been shown at more than 30 film festivals across the country and abroad, and is to be shown today at the Queens International Film Festival, in Forest Hills.

Mr. Lennon, 48, said that a commercial distributor, Rogue Arts, recently arranged for a DVD release in February. The film's proceeds, he said, will help pay off its $140,000 cost and assist groups working with firefighters psychologically scarred by the twin towers' destruction, in which 343 colleagues died.

"The fact that I was a fireman made a difference," he said of making the film. "Firemen open up more with other firemen."