The terror of 9/11 seems to have spawned an evil almost as bad, the horror of guilt. Let me explain. I believe there is absolutely no excuse for the tragic state of the widows and orphans of 9/11. Absolutely none at all! Where are the men of America, that these families of the fallen should be in need? They should be set for life, every blessed one of them!

So here's my thing. I've reached fairly deeply into my pockets, and quite frankly, I look at the public disclosures of donations made by the rich and famous, and their paltry amounts make me puke. It occurs to me from previous postings like this which I have made on other boards, that folks get really riled up, right pissed off at me for daring to suggest they're not sacrificing enough. I'm here to tell you, I don't back off from that stance a whole helluva lot, at least not yet. So I think I'll take advantage of an online firefighter's fund which publishes amounts donated, to give myself some cred when making these statements. You'll just have to take my word for it that I am most assuredly not rich, unless you consider 30k a rich man's income, and judge the level of my commitment to putting my money where my mouth is.

Once I have made the donation and my amount has been published online, I shall direct you to that web page (again--for you would need to look at it now, to see for yourself that my amount does not yet exist--web page -- please understand, it is not my intention to attack here, but to inspire by example. But if only embarrassing or shaming motivates some to long overdue action, then so be it. Money talks. I believe that a man of my income range, who does not live too extravagantly, ought to be able to sacrifice $343 per month; for, is a dollar a month for each of the fallen too much to expect? You'll never convince me that it is. I understand that not all situations are alike, and that $3.43 per month might be a hard burden for some. What's important is that some sacrifice is made, and regularly. We must set an example for our children and youth, who look up to us in order to learn what survival means, not just in word but in deed.

As the firefighters who demonstrated in the streets of New York stated in their just shouts so eloquently, not so many months ago, all of the tributes and thankyous are not putting any bread on the table. How about a raise in pay? How about Red Cross money that actually gets to the people for whom the Red Cross people damn well know kind and generous people all over the world, and especially in America, intend?

Do you know what cures guilt? Remedy of remiss.