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Thread: No Goodbyes

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    No Goodbyes

    My husband leaves
    at 8 PM
    it must be the alarms
    going off again

    He fights fires
    with all his might
    I wonder if i will see him
    at all tonight

    TV is not working
    to pass the time
    I look out the window
    the hour creeps past nine

    Ten comes and goes
    eleven and twelve do too
    I hear a knock at the door
    it is his firemans crew

    Hats in hand
    solemn looks on their face
    as they tell me
    my beloved has went to a better place

    Free from the hurt
    no longer in pain
    noone can ever say
    that you died in vain

    How do I tell
    family and friends
    that your laughter and love
    will never be felt again

    I look at our children
    with tears in my eyes
    daddy sends his love
    but with no goodbyes

    They just dont understan
    as the questions start
    mommy what happened
    causing us to part

    I look at their faces
    and tell them the truth
    your daddy died
    saving a child just like you.

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    I can't even begin to imagine how you feel. My husband is a firefighter and every minute he's not with me I am worried about if I'm going to see him again. I lost my dad when I was very young to so it adds. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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