Updated: 04-14-2004 09:58:43 AM

FDNY-NYPD Logo Suit Filed by City

Courtesy of The New York Post

The city has filed suit against the owner of a Pittsburgh-based company for allegedly selling items bearing NYPD and FDNY logos without city permission.

Albert Elovitz, Inc. was hit with a lawsuit late Monday for "improperly selling merchandise in violation of Federal trademark law, New York common law and New York statutes protecting trademarks," according to the complaint.

A look at Elovitz's Web site, albertsgifts.com, reveals the firm indeed sells a range of products featuring the NYPD and FDNY logos.

"It's very important that the city enforce its trademark rights," said Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo. "Because [this case] is in essence about someone taking our property."

The city has licensed the use of the FDNY and NYPD logos to the Fire Safety Education Fund and New York City Police Foundation, respectively.

But Elovitz, who claimed he hadn't even been informed of the suit until a Post reporter told him, said he had done nothing to violate trademark law and was prepared to go to court to prove as much.

"It is important that everyone understand that NYPD [and FDNY] items have been legitimately sold for many, many years," Elovitz said. "I sold on the streets of New York and wore holes into my shoes to build this business. And now, 10 years later, they just want me to cave in and give it to them. It is just not fair."