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    Donation suggestions

    Hi. I have recently created a piece of artwork dedicated to the fallen firefighters of 911 and auctioned it off on ebay with the intention of donating the profits to the Twin Towers fund or the FF Disaster Relief fund. To my surprise, both funds have been closed. I would like to donate this money specifically to the fallen of 911 but if that is unable to be done - I would like to donate it to a local department. Does anyone here have advice?

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    Fallen Brothers Foundation

    History of Fallen Brothers

    The Fallen Brothers Foundation was founded in January, 2000 by two brothers, Brian and Kevin Shea, who are New York City Firefighters.
    Kevin, while assigned to E331 in Howard Beach as a probationary firefighter (with only 3 weeks in the firehouse), the Captain in his firehouse, Vincent Fowler, died while operating at a fire in a private residence. Alongside his firehouse members, Kevin went to the aid of the Fowler family and assisted in the distribution of T-shirts to raise money solely for the widow and three young daughters. While selling shirts at festivals and events, he noted that it would be a good idea to sell these shirts on the Internet, increasing sales and bringing in more money for the family.

    Kevin enlisted the help of his brother, Brian (Ladder 61), to help design a website for Capt. Fowler's Memorial T-Shirts. Brian and Kevin also saw the need for a location to sell the shirts of all the other brothers who had died on the job.

    Over the new few years the Foundation grew at a very rapid pace and has donated over one hundred thousand dollars to various funds setup for families of firefighters killed in the line of duty.

    In 2003, the Foundation teamed with 1st Responder Newspaper to expand its scope and further reach into the markets that are covered by the newspaper. At the same time, James Sollami joined the Foundation as its Director, while 1st Responder Newspaper Publisher Joseph Belsito, Assistant Director Carol-Lynn Ward and the Shea Brothers are on the executive board.

    Your donations go to support the families of our fallen firefighters killed in the line of duty.

    Fallen Brothers Home page link below

    Or you could donate to your local community fire service.

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