I am a 12 year Paramedic in Louisiana. One year after 9-11 I was sitting in an auto garage waiting on an ambulance being repaired. In the lobby was a television that was showing various clips of the WTC attacks. I picked up a pen and sheet of paper and began writing. When I was finished this is what I had written. I have several family members that are life long paid firemen as well as volunteers. I felt grief then and still feel it when I think of what NYC went through on that day. Best of luck to all. I hope you enjoy and share it with many. Thanks.

Salute To My Brothers

9-11-01, the world was shaken by a sudden event,
As we watched with horror, we knew what it meant.

Lives were lost, given and sacrificed by the Home of the Brave,
Only to be forever hidden in a monstrous grave.

So precious is life to hero's, that they live to save every day,
Not wanting recognition, just personal satisfaction,
For helping someone along the way.

So off to work they go with no fear, regrets, or sorrow,
To help their fellow man, for there may be no tomorrow.

If in their duty of service, they pay the ultimate price,
Let them be remembered, as people who loved life.

So cherish your hero's,
Firefighters, Police, and Medics,
Don't wait for another Ground Zero,
To give them their credit.

This is our way of life, responding to help others,
So here is a salute to you,
My fellow life saving brothers.

Randal Trahan