Well, it's been 4 full years since we lost a great person. I took it upon myself to update everyone on the Murder in Smalltown X website (some of you may know this), since I'm a computer guy and use the Internet frequently.

I don't feel completely right using the word "full." Four years have passed, but to me, my family, and many others who knew Angel, the rest of our lives will no longer be as full as they were before September 11th, 2001. We lost a flame that shone with a warm light in our hearts. Many people did.

I was curious as to what has been (and still is) being said about Angel, so I searched and found this site. I'm glad so many remember him. It's touching that so many care.

I will be visiting New York for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I'll meet up with Angel's family, or if any of them use the Internet much, but I'll try to make sure that Angel's family knows how much is out there about him. How much people care. Thank you all.

Angel, I miss you, pal.

- Joe Garcia