Sunday, October 3, 2004

Town weighs widow's pension

Firefighter killed in Lancaster fire, Lancaster vote to decide widow's benefits

Karen Nugent

LANCASTER Ma.- Martin H. McNamara V, a Lancaster call firefighter, did not come home from that early-morning apartment house fire last Nov. 29.

He never met his new baby daughter, Marty, born five days after he died.

And his two older girls, ages 2 and 5 at the time, still wonder where their father went.

Nearly a year has gone by. Firefighter McNamara's widow, Claire B. McNamara, 34, a nails technician in Clinton, faces years of providing for those girls.

How difficult a task that will be depends on what voters do on Nov. 2 in the privacy of the town's voting booths.

A referendum on the presidential election ballot asks for approval for survivor benefits and extended health insurance for Mrs. McNamara and her children, to be funded with a one-year special Proposition 2