All I have now is this ribbon,
Of red, white, and blue.

I no longer have my best friend,
So miss you is all I can do.

I close my eyes and see your sweet smile,
Thinking of your laughter make me happy
for a short while.

I feel so much pain in my heart with you gone,
I live my life day to day and do my best to go on.

There are day I know your here with me,
But your but your face and smile I can not see.

I wish for one more chance to hold you again
and rock back and forth like we used to when I
was sad,
Just another chance to here you say " I'm here
don't cry it's ok it's not that bad.

I no longer have my best friend here to love me,
Alone on earth from now on I shall be.

I was not his wife, sister or mother I was just a friend,
So to me theres no caring words or thought to me does anyone lend.

I was just a best-friend in his short yet wonderful life,
They forget I loved him so much cause I wasn't a
mother, sister, or wife.

I miss you Joey and will love you always.
Forever in my heart your peanut AnnMarie
In Memory of Joseph Agnello Ladder 118