Oct. 9. 2001

I finally got the courage in me I needed to go there and say goodbye,
I walked through the check points and saw it and all I could do was cry.

I went there with the thoughts of being the last place my friends were on this great earth,
Closure and healing a chance to let go of the sorrow is what I thought it would be worth.

As I stood and looked around I saw the devastation in which they had faced on their last day,
I had a million different feelings running around inside me not one of which I could say.

I thought going there would be sad and make me think of all I lost,
Yet all I could think of was what everyone did to save the others no matter what the cost.

While standing there I felt anger burning inside of my soul and hurt growing in my heart,
But as I looked at the ruble I knew from my friends and their love I would never be apart.

I may longer see their faces or hear their laughter or feel their touch but their memories are here with me forever,
Facing life and going on without them and keeping their love for life alive will now be my endeavor.

I know my friends are at peace in the high great heavens, their bodies my be in the ruble but theirs souls have gone to rest,
I stand and say a final farewell as a tear rolls down my cheek and I embrace my cross on my chest.

God take them home with you and be good to them for they were great people all of my friends that you have there with you,
Make them great angels to watch over us and protect and help us as you do.

I turn to walk away but look at it one last time to see what I came to see,
Forever greatful that I had the chance to love them is how I will forever be.

As I walk down the street with all that behind me I look up to see three white birds fly by above my head,
To me it was a sign that my three friends will live on in my heart even thought they are now dead.

Thank you Joey Agnello for always being there when I needed you, Nello never will I let you go.

Deanna- Micciulli/ Galante hold your son close to you and you nor he will ever be alone.

Glen Petitte I am so glad I got the chance to be your friend even if it was for a short while.